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Phoenix Project Ireland was formed in 2008 specifically to give professional support to distressed borrowers. 

We help all people who are encountering legal, financial and emotional difficulties arising from debt. 

Empower yourself


  • Fill in standard financial statement and reply to all bank communications
  • Register with legal aid board for representation
  • Take up your file from your lender (See links page for copy of the Data Protection Act form)
  • If you cannot get representation, go to court yourself - you are entitled and will be treated with respect
  • Register all correspondance with banks (So they cannot deny getting it)
  • Read the MARP on Central Bank website and point out any breaches, in writing, to banks (They break it a lot in our experience)
  • Ask your bank how they will sell your property and mitigate your shortfall loss if you are thinking of surrendering your property


  • Surrender any property without legal, financial and rehousing advice
  • Sign any restructured loan offer without legal and financial advice
  • Ignore banks calls - if they are threatening, or demanding that you complete SFS over the phone, make a note and report this to Central Bank
  • Ignore solicitors letters threatening repossession - Contact Us
  • Ignore repossession proceedings - Contact Us and we will tell you how to represent yourself and your story to the court if you cannot get legal aid
  • Be afraid of bankruptcy or personal insolvency (If it applies to you)

Phoenix Project Ireland has helped many distressed borrowers since its foundation in 2008.

Phoenix Project Ireland is committed to helping people save their family homes and their livelihoods

Phoenix Project Ireland is manned by trained professionals

Phoenix Project Ireland wants people affected by debt to know they are not alone